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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Show Tonight!

from Japan!
"Since 2001, Yoshitake Expe has made a name for himself throughout Japan as an inventive and extraordinary guitarist. With his extensive usage of over seventy effects pedals, Yoshitake creates waves of transcendental soundscapes, drawing from a range of influences including ambient, funk, electronic and Brazilian music. Yoshitake’s technique, dubbed “space guitar,” takes the listener on a spiritual journey that moves beyond time and consciousness.
With the 2002 debut of Nutron, Yoshitake teamed up with drummer Minoru Takahashi to create a sixty minute album of improvisational pieces recorded over just four days. Praised extensively throughout the Japanese press, Nutron was named one of the best albums of 2003 by Music Magazine, and the duo went on to perform at the
2004 Fuji Rock Festival.
Since then, Yoshitake has continued to rise through the ranks of Japan’s avant-garde music community, collaborating with world-renowned artist Eye Yamantaka (founder of Boredoms) on a number of events in Osaka. Currently, Yoshitake joins Yamamoto Seiichi, the “godfather of Kansai’s music scene” (The Japan Times), in the minimal funk band Para.
In 2008, Yoshitake organized an eight day sound installation at the historic seventy year old Hosono building in Osaka. For over one hundred hours, performers and artists collaborated in various capacities--epitomizing the communal nature of this thriving scene."

It's worth noting that Yamamoto Seiichi was the guitarist for Boredoms until 2002.

This should be pretty exciting.

"OUR YOSHITAKE EXPE, He is Funky Dread Space guitarist legend of Japan. His guitar ,It's talkative more than Synthsizer."

We are thrilled to host Kyle again for the third time in 2 years! He is one Acrobatics very favorite live performers and we hope you too will enjoy his performance.
"Parker has managed to synthesize a lot of familiar sounds into a broadly appealing statement: Burning Star Core's contoured interference, MBV's ear-piercing chords, and Rhys Chatham's invincible distortion. Parker's own thumbprint manifests in the clear, meticulous interplay of these elements. "Dive" operates on three distinct levels: a warm, soupy base drone, a high modulating one, and a graceful synth melody that slowly rocks back and forth. The timbre of the melody bloats as the drones fade out, so that it seems to be soaking up the distortion. Transparency is the album's watchword: All transactions between noise and beauty are fully disclosed."--Pitchfork

Less harsh, more melancholy yet chimey drones and loops. Heavy washes of anxious timbres.

Genre-smashing ostensibly pop music that is totally unafraid to dance around the idea of pop music for as long as possible before giving in. From Portland.

Our bestest bud Cole comes back to play you some of his idiosyncratic layered pop'n'b music that will leave you swooning. (Also from Portland)

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