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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playlist 2/24/12

Thom, Nat, and Matt visited and span some hot jams, including the best single from the 80s.

and some tracks from local heart throbs MHV

and this amazing Radar Eyes song.

And here it is:

(*) new release

Reading Rainbow - Must Be Dreaming - Prism Eyes
Terry Malts - Tumble Down - Killing Time
Talbot Tagora - Perception Stick - Lessons In THe Woods Or A City
Spacemen 3 - Mary Anne - Sound Of Confusion
Chrome - The Monitors - Alien Soundtracks

(*) K.S. Chithra - Yaaro Sonnaangalaam - K.S. CHithra
Maximum Joy - In The Air (7") - Unlimited 1979-1983
Arthur Russell - Wax The Van - The World Of Arthur Russell

Ital - Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him) - Hive MInd
Throbbing Gristle - Walkabout - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
(*) Suzanne CIani - Princess With Orange Feet - Lixiviation
Bodyguard - Black And Red - Silica Gel
(*) Starving Weirdos - Periods - Land Lines

Container - Application - LP
Rene Hell - E.S. Des Grauens In Fifths - The Terminal Symphony

Galaxie 500 - Oblivious - Today [Thom]
Galaxie 500 - It's Getting Late - Today [Thom]
MHV - Frighten Me - Thoughts Of An Ordinary Man [Thom]
MHV - Goats & Yaks - Thoughts Of An Ordinary Man [Thom]
MHV - Highwaters - Thoughts Of An Ordinary Man [Thom]
The Soft Machine - Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening - Volume 2 [Thom]
Cause Co-motion - Which Way's Up - It's Time [Matt]
(*) Radar Eyes - I Am - Radar Eyes

(*) The Mallard - Ants - Yes On Blood
Mekons - Ghost Of American Astronauts [Matt]
Clientele - Dear Jennifer - It's Art Dad

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playlist 2/17/12

As an attempt to stay 'posi' in light of fact that it is last president's day weekend before President Santorum assumes office, I played a 'high on life' song by 70's The Pop Group affiliated disco-punk band Maximum Joy song that my friend Thom recommended to me called stretch.

Anticipating the end of times is Everything Is Terrible, who are coming to UC Irvine, the preordained starting place of the apocalypse. Everything Is Terrible is a group of video archivist whose search for the bizarre, forgotten, antiquated, funny, and peripheral is never ending. On their upcoming tour, the group is presenting their own remake of Alejandro Jodorowsky's classic The Holy Mountain, which was made entirely of dog clips. Here is the tour page and an event facebook page with all the info.


Here ya go:

Scott Walker - Matilde - Scott
Maximum Joy - Stretch - Unlimited 1979-1983
Zach Hill - House Of Hits - Face Tat
Talk Normal - In Every Dream Home A Heartache- Sugarland (roxy music)

(*) Heavy Times - Erase The Sun - Jacker
Prince Rama - Trust - Trust Now
Maria Minerva- Soo High - Cabaret Cixous

(*)The Mallard - Fog - Yes On Blood
The Men - Bataille - Leave Home
(*) Wax Idols - Hitman - No Future

The Spits - Electric Brain - The Spits V
Moon Duo - Speed - Killing Time

ESG - Dance - Come Away With ESG
Half-Japanese - Dearest Darlings - Sing No Evil
(*) Black Bananas - TV Trouble - Rad Times: Xpress IV

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Pissed And Passed Out - Holy Mountain OST
Mark McGuire - Moving Apart - Living With Yourself
(*) Steve Hauschildt - Tragedy & Geometry - Tragedy & Geometry
Mist - Mist House - House
Oneohtrix Point Never - Child Soldier - Replica

(*) Jakob Olausson - Riding On The Wind - Morning And Sunrise
Velvet Davenport - Green Life - Warmy Girls
Marine Girls - Tonight? - Beach Party

(*) Chairlift - Sidewalk Safari - Something

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Playlist 2/10/12

Found a copy of Left Handed Dream by Ryuichi Sakamoto at the station. Before finding this, I really only knew him for his solo somber piano compositions and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, so it was surprising to find out that he made awesome Brian Eno-y glammy new wave in the 80's. He was quite the looker back in the day.

Another surprise I found this week was a track by Lil' Pocketknife, a now defunct and shortlived all-smiles disco-punk band which features members of LA posi-punk band KIT. Their only release is a split with BARR on Deathbomb Arc from 2004.

And here you go:

Zomes - No. 3 - Improvisations
Eat Skull - Survivable Spaces - Sick To Death
Young Marble Giants - Cakewalking - Colossal Youth
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near - Painful

Ryiuchi Sakamoto - The Left Bank - The Left Handed Dream
Boredoms - Super Going - Super AE
Dustin Wong - Pink Diamond - Dreams Say, View Create, Shadow Leads

Close Lobsters - A Prophecy - Foxheads Stalk This Land
My Bloody Valentine - She Loves You No Less - Ecstasy And Wine
The Poppyheads - Dreamabout - Cremation Town

Lil' Pocketknife - Dragon Slayer - BARR Split
Happy Family - Going To - Banana Split
The Gun Club - Sex Beat - Fire Of Love
You - Son Of A True Star - Electric Day

Incredible String Band - Three Is A Green Crown - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Tickley Feather - Buttshot - Tickley Feather
Urinals - Hologram - First EP
Wipers - Tragedy - Is This Real?
The Russian Futurists - Red Red Wine - The Method Of Modern Love
John Fahey - My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs - Days Have Gone By
Nodzzz - Primitive - Innings

Henry's Dress - (You're My) Radio One - Henry's Dress

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

one of those days...

Playlist 2/3/12

Mark Tucker - Sandbox-Upon-Storm - In The Sack
Beat Happening - Bad Seeds - London 06/19/88
Sex Church - Dull Light - Growing Light

Spacemen 3 - D.D. Catastrophe - Sound Of Confusion
Purling Hiss - City Special - Lounge Lizards
Incredible String Band - Koeeoddi There - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

Lucky Dragons - Music For No Reason - Music For No Reason
Dustin Wong - Toe Tore Oh - Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
Haniwa-Chan - Sumidagawa Daisanji - Kanashibari

Pulp - Common People - Different Class
Hype WIlliams - Rise Up - Kelly Price W8 Gain VOl II EP
BEBETUNE$ - R E P T I L E ONLINE - Inhale C-4 $$$$$
Anne Briggs - Step Right Up - The TIme Has Come

Little Wings - Warming - Soft Pow'r
The New Creation - Yet Still Time - Troubled
High Wolf - Kenya SUnset - Atlas Nation
The No-Neck Blues Band - The Natural Bridge - Sticks And Stones Will Break My Bones But Names WIll Never Hurt Me

Amen Dunes - Swim Up Behind Me - Through Donkey Jaw
Grouper - Come Softly - Alien Observer
Nord Express - Promise - Slumberland Records Comp

Thursday, February 2, 2012