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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hype Williams/Gatekeeper/Body Guard (James Ferraro)/White Car @ the Echoplex

This was one weird show. None of the performers said a single word to the audience the whole time. James Ferraro decided to give up the lime-light to a lime-green kawasaki motorcycle (interpretive dancer friendly and encouraged and actualized). Ferraro performed his new song rain, which sounds amazing.
Technically, only Inga Copeland played as the other half of Hype Williams, Dean Blunt ran into trouble with LAPD. As replacements, two bodybuilders joined Copeland's short and mystifying 15-minute set of throbbing numb dread. The set ended with a tease of an incomprehensible version of rescue dawn (2/3?), which jarred to an end as Copeland left the stage. The audience, models, and echoplex personal shared a moment standing confused and anxious, not knowing how to react. I'm not sure if it's sad or funny or both that that moment was the only time where everyone together temporarily broke out of character.

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